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    The Best Colloidal Silver Generators

    In this page I will compare the most sold and the best Colloidal Silver Generators on the market today

    Silver Lungs Generator

    This Colloidal Silver (CS) generator has been on the market for around 11 years now. It is very popular and I can understand why people are quite excited about this machine. It looks very professional. Many people write positive experiences about this CS generator.

    It has a magnetic stirrer which is good and as the picture show, a TDS-meter to measure the ppm and probably the CS that is produced is of good quality.  I think a person buying this will be satisfied.

    One more good thing is that they give you two 7 gauge silver rods included in your order. This means, the silver rods are thick enough for brewing your own Colloidal Silver for many years.

    The only thing that concerns me is the price, $279.99. But if you buy the rods, the magnetic stirrer, the pyramid flask bottle and the TDS meter separately it will altogether cost around $100. So you can save around $180. But it is not a bad machine. See a more thoroughly review.  >CLIC HERE< 


    Life Force Generator

    Their generator is sold in 17.000 units since 2012. That is around 2400 units per year. They sell different kits that vary from $65 to $139 depending on the size of the silver rods and a few other items. It seems that they are focusing on the American market since the adapter is only 120 volts. It’s a pity since a big part of the world use 220 volts. Maybe they don’t want to ship it internationally.

    They also say that there is no need for TDS meter or Laser pointer since a timing chart is  included in the package , so you can accurately make 5 ppm to 40 ppm colloidal silver. They also provide a detailed photographic instruction which I think is good since pictures makes it normally easier to grasp.

    Unfortunately, their machine can only plugin 10 to 14 gauge silver rods. Many persons prefer 7 gauge since this is little thicker and the rods will last longer.


    The Silver Edge Generator

    This is also a Colloidal Silver Generator that is sold widely.

    Steve Barwick claims that The Silver Edge generator has been on the market for nearly a decade, far from any other generator. That is a truth with modification since Life Force generator has been out there since 2012. But never mind. Now back to his machine.

    His generator is a quite simple machine that comes with a timer. According to the instructions you set the timer on 3 hours and after that your batch is finished. It might be as he says, but I think he should throw in a TDS-meter together with his generator. It doesn’t cost so much.  In addition there is no magnetic stirrer included.

    When it comes to the price for his machine it is $349:95 but he give you $100 discount if you purchase it within 10 days. As long as I remember, this discount has always been there. So does it cost 349:95 or 249:95?  At least the innocent customer will get the feeling that they do a good bargain. He also sells silver rods two 6 inch 12 gauge for $35. I did a research and they cost only $19:95 from another seller.

    Let’s go back to the machine. The cost is $249:95 and as I said about Silver Lungs machine, if you buy the rods, the magnetic stirrer and the pyramid flask bottle separately it should cost altogether  around or under $100 but Silver Edge machine doesn’t even have a magnetic stirrer and a TDS meter. So if you exclude the magnetic stirrer and the TDS meter you will end up on around $50. The math does its own talk. I personally wouldn’t come close to buy a machine from Steve Barwick and his Silver Edge.


    IONX Generator

    This is the latest innovation when it comes to the best Colloidal Silver generators.

    The IONX Colloidal Silver Generator is the first device to use ultrasound when you brew your own high quality product.

    Ultrasound bombarding its electromagnetic field with sound waves, accelerating the loss of electrons. With other words it makes the silver particles very small which in turn make the solution ultra effective. Click the picture for more information.

    In my opinion this generator will be the top seller in a short time and the old way to do Colloidal Silver at home might be history. The company has the intention to take the technology a step further. (In fact they also invented a water filter for homes with a warranty of five years for a cost of only $49.)

    You probably wonder how much this machine cost? I am sure you will think about figures around $500 and above. Actually on Amazon it cost $110 but if you buy it from Ionx home page it will cost only $99. Click Here!

    A small detail. The machine comes without any silver rods. But on Golden State Silver they sell rods customized to this machine,  So total cost will be $127 for this new innovation. If you put in the code GM2019 when checking out on Golden State Silver you will get 5% discount on the rods. Click here!

    One more thing, it brews 6 ounce (approximately 2 dl) per batch and it does it in 30 minutes.

    How does it work? You just pour in distilled water, plug in the current and wait 30 minutes, that’s all!

    I think you can understand why I am quite excited about this new innovation, especially for those who always want to have this product at home for a reasonable price

    The Best Colloidal Silver Generators.

    The Silver Lungs Generator is okay. Seems to be good quality. Expensive compared to buying the parts separately.

    The Life Force Generator has a particular weakness. It only comes with a 120 volts adapter but a big part of the world use 220 volts. So if you stay in Europe or Asia you can’t order this machine.

    The Silver Edge Generator is far too expensive. And the president of the company Steve Barwick is not really an honest person. His selling tricks are quite dirty. There are a few utterances that he makes that are pure lies. ===>Click Here<===

    IONX Silver Generator has the latest technology which use ultrasound to make the solution super effective. The price is reasonable. It doesn’t make so big batches but on the other hand it makes it in 30 minutes.

    So if I would recommend any of these generators, you probably already figured out that the innovation of IONX Generator is the far best and easiest for a homemaker of Colloidal Silver.

    I hope this information has been helpful and if you have any questions I would be more than happy to help you.

    Just leave a comment below.

    All the best







    1. Louis Dinson

      This is great information. Back in the late ’90s, I was part of an MLM group in which one of the products was colloidal silver. It came in a small bottle and you would put drops in either water or juice. Looks like now you can make the batches yourself which is awesome. Thanks for the information and you learn something new every day.


    2. Kimberleigh

      Thank you so much for your wealth of information. I didn’t have a clue what a Colloidal Generator was or what colloidal silver was but your article was intriguing and I have learned something. I have not used any of these products but I will pop by from time to time and have a look at what other products you present. Thank you.

    3. Terrygar

      Well explained and your researched into different sellers are very got a big heart and concerned for all the consumers. Bless You !

      • Goran

        Thank you Terrygar. My intention is to help people to get the best quality and to the best price.

    4. T.Tanaka

      It is quite interesting. I never heard before but I got many information the user of Colloidal Silver in Japan. Almost positive effects. I don’t know why this wonderful product is not popular in medical fields. Might be some of medicine manufacturer / Pharmaceutical company hinder Colloidal Silver market. Hope many of clinical trials known to the world. Thank you Goran!

      • Goran

        Thank you Tanaka.The problem is that there are so many commercial interests from the pharmacy industry who want to sell their own products so they try to hinder the use of colloidal silver


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