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    The best colloidal silver generator

    In this post I will review what is in my opinion – the best colloidal silver generator

    Ionx generator

    I am using this one myself and I am very happy with it. I have done my own colloidal silver for 3 years now and the brews I have done have helped a lot of people and even pets. But now since I have the Ionx generator I have the best and most powerful colloidal silver (actually Ionic silver) that can be made from home.


    Why did I choose this generator to be the best one? There are a few reasons for this.


    1. The technology is new. No other generator has this tech.

    .2. It is portable. Easy to bring when you travel.

    3. It brews fast.

    4. The particles size is small. Makes the brew very powerful.

    5. It has an app connected. Tells you when the brew is finished.

    6. Very easy to use. Pour in distilled water and start to brew.

    7. It is cheaper than the competitors.

    The technology

    It is the only generator that uses ultrasound. Others use magnetic stirrer in order to avoid the silver particles to lumps together. The magnetic stirrer however have limitations so the problem with previous technology still remain.

    Actually to produce real high quality silver solution it requires more than a magnetic stirrer or as some producers of generators use, an aquarium pump. Some manufactures don’t even use these things. Although these machines produce colloidal silver that can be used for many ailments, we are here talking about very high quality of silver solution.

    The Ionx generator has a new technology, using ultrasound in order to make the particles smaller. So this machine produces very high quality colloidal silver or ionic silver.

    Ionx generator is portable

    You can imagine if you were to travel on an airplane and only have your cabin luggage and you wanted to bring your generator with you. Ionx generator will be the perfect choice. And when you reach your destination whether it is a hotel or you are visiting a friend you just fill in the distilled water and plug in your generator, that’s it!

    It is fast

    The brewing time is only 20 minutes. So you can imagine if you are in urgent need to get some colloidal silver faster, you don’t need to wait for hours or even more, to get your batch. It ,means you brew it quickly even if you are on travel and for one or another reason are in  in need of colloidal silver, without trying to find a store where they sell it, or even worse order it from Amazon or similar places. That will probably take days before you have in your hand, and to a much more expensive price.

    The particle size is small

    Since the particle size is very small it makes the brew very powerful. It is a well-known fact that the smaller size of the silver particles, the more effective the brew will be. It means that if you have an attack of bacteria or a fungus, the recovery will be faster. Unfortunately the old colloidal silver generators are very limited in making the particle size small,(see comparing picture) even if they use a magnetic stirrer. The ultrasound of this machine has solved that problem. 

    To see a contrast >>> Click here! <<<

    It has an app connected

    The app can be downloaded from App Store for IPhone or Google Play for Android,

    This app is very helpful, since it tells you when the brew is finished.

    It also shows you exactly how to operate the unit and a lot of other helpful information

    Ionx silver generator is easy to use

    Basically it’s only to put in distilled water and start the machine. The app will tell you when the brew is finished. (around 20 minutes) No hazle with magnetic stirrer, ppm meter or laser pointer. You just have an powerful batch in front of you. If you want to do another batch, just fill the container with distilled water and 20 minutes later you have your second batch.

    Ionx generator is cheaper.

    Compared to many other colloidal silver generators, this one is affordable. Only $99.

    (see comparing chart and customers review below)


    The IONX Colloidal Silver Generator provides a portable powerful colloidal silver solution for the traveler or for someone who needs colloidal silver quickly. The IonX colloidal silver generator is self-contained, and uses ultrasound to stir the liquid or agitate it to produce a colloidal silver at 10 nanometer size particles in 20 minutes.

    Buy today!

    Only $99

    I hope this information has bee helpful, especially if you have plans to do your own colloidal silver at home. If you have any question(s) feel free to make a comment below and I will be more than happy to try to answer you.

    All the best





    1. Jeanette

      Hur köper jag det?

      • Goran

        Du menar Kolloidal Silver generator? Du bara klickar på buy it och du kommer till deras hemsida. Du har maskinen hemma inom två veckor. Glöm inte att ladda ner deras deras app och följ instruktionerna. Jag själv använder denna maskin och den är väldigt lätt att använda och du får högsta kvalite av produkten. Har du några funderingar så svarar jag gärna. Lycka till. Göran

    2. George B

      Vad jag förstår behöver man köpa Generator Rod Set separat. Hur länge räcker dessa stavar?

      • Goran

        Tack för din fråga.
        Stavarna kommer att räcka i åratal.
        Den ena staven 7 gauge vilket är och betraktas som tjock.
        Den andra är något tunnare, 10 gauge också betraktas som tjock.
        Anledningen av olika tjocklek är 7 gauge är den som ger ifrån silver partiklarna.

    3. T Mclatchie

      What size is the container? How much per batch?

      • Goran

        The Size is small compared to other machines, but there is a reason for this. The container size is around 6.5 oz or 2 dl. The reason is that the container is calibrated so the ultrasound can work most effectively so the particles will be very small. Larger container that us used in the old way of making CS has an tendency to lump the particles together to bigger units and make the solution less effective.

    4. Sharmini Umakanthan

      This makes the quality of silver produced very powerful. Very high quality yet to a reasonable price. I really like your simple way of explaining details about the size of particles and ultrasound effects. I agree this is the best silver generator. Your post are always honest.Will definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

      • Goran

        Thank you Sharmini for your kind reply.
        All the best


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