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    • Corona Virus and Colloidal Silver

      In this post i will explain why colloidal silver will fight the corona virus. Today’s Corona Virus Pandemic  Everyone of us cannot say that we have not concerned about the pandemic that now affect the whole word. What the outcome will be is still a big question mark but so far over 114,726,929 have been…

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    • Make Colloidal Silver At Home

      In this post I will explain how to do Colloidal Silver at home of high quality Is it possible to make Colloidal Silver at home? Colloidal Silver is a product that has become more and more popular lately because a lot of people have discovered what an amazing product this is. Unfortunately for many it…

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    • Best Colloidal Silver Brand

      This post will explain how we can figure out if a colloidal silver is good. The most popular colloidal silver brand In the Facebook groups I am in connected to colloidal silver, there is a returning question: “How can I know what is the – “best colloidal silver brands?” I consider that doing your own…

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    • Colloidal Silver Generator

      This post will explain how to find out which Colloidal Silver Generator is the best. What is a Colloidal Silver generator? Today, it is very common to find alternatives to cure different diseases. One product that increase in popularity as an alternative medicine is Colloidal Silver. It is because people have find out that is…

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    • Colloidal Silver and Blue Skin

      This post will be about colloidal silver and blue skin. Will Colloidal Silver turn your skin blue? Let me first say: I have used colloidal silver almost daily for 13 years and my skin is white as it was when I started to consume colloidal silver (CS). I have used a lot of different brands…

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    • The best colloidal silver generator

      In this post I will review what is in my opinion – the best colloidal silver generator Ionx generator I am using this one myself and I am very happy with it. I have done my own colloidal silver for 3 years now and the brews I have done have helped a lot of people…

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    • About Goran and this page

      Welcome to my page. My name is Goran Mittag. Since 2007 I am a great fan of Colloidal Silver and I am VERY excited about this product.  Year 2016 I moved from Sweden to Malaysia. To my surprise Colloidal Silver was far too expensive here. Around 100% more expensive than in Sweden. Fortunately for a…

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