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    Silver Edge Colloidal Silver Generator

    Many persons buy Silver Edge’s Colloidal Silver Generator. Is it a good choice or are there better alternatives?

    Silver Edge Colloidal Silver Generator – Review

    The picture tells us that it is a very simple machine. It will probably produce Colloidal Silver as three 9 volts batteries connected to two silver rods also do and can be used for many ailments. Basically this generator is an adapter with an aquarium pump connected to a timer. You set it on 3 hours and the batch is supposed to be finished. So far everything is okay.

    How about the price?

    That is a very relevant question. The owner Steve Barwick say that it cost $349:95. But for the next 10 days it’s on sale for only $249.95. This made me suspicious since I saw this machine on the market years ago, so the 10 days discount has always been there. That is one reason I wanted to have a closer look at Steve Barwick and his company The Silver Edge.

    A few utterances from Steve Barwick.

    He says that for years, commercial colloidal silver vendors have been ripping you off! The colloidal silver in the tiny four-ounce bottles they sell you for $30 or more costs them only a few cents to make! He has a point, but as we will see, he uses the same rip off methods when he sells his machine.

    Look at the picture. =====================>

    This simple generator will cost less than $40. It contains a current, a timer and a simple aquarium pump and you will have a machine similar or equal to Silver Edge machine which he charges you $349:95 and if you buy within 10 days for $249:95.  But it will still cost you  $249:95 even if you wait to buy for one month. It is just a selling trick to sell a cheap machine to an expensive price and fool you to believe that you did a bargain.

    This Youtube video will show the quality of Siver Edge generator =====>CLICK HERE<=====

    Another false claim

    Steve Barwick claims that The Silver Edge has been on the market for a decade FAR more than any other company selling Colloidal Silver Generators. This is not true. There are others who have been there at the same time. So this is an exaggeration or a lie to get people to think that he is a pioneer in this field.

    Another rip off claim

    Another thing, he claims is that the silver rods that is coming with his machine are thicker than most of the other machines on the market. It is not true! The fact is that he provide the next to the smallest one 12 gauge ( 0.081 inches or 2.06 mm) when the most reputable generators use 10 gauge (0.102 inches or 2.59 mm) or (7 gauge (0.1443 inches or 3.66 mm) which makes a big difference to how long the silver rods will last. But this will make him sell more silver rods since they will last lesser time, as he say himself: “You may need to change the rods after 1 year” Other rods that are sold with other machines do not need to be replaced for 2 or even 3 years.

    Steve Barwick also sells silver rods on his web page over priced. A single Set – 12 gauge (two six inch strips)…only $35 as he says.

    Please go to Golden State Silver web page where you can buy the same set for $18:95. Additionally, if you put in the code GM2019 when you check out, you will get 5% discount. That will be about $17:90 for the same purchase. Around half of the price on Silver Edge web page. Who is ripping you off?

    So to sum up Silver Edge Colloidal Silver Generator Review.

    I don’t think it is advisable to buy a Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge. There are far more better alternatives.

    Today home-brewers of Colloidal Silver (CS) can actually use advanced technology to a very reasonable price even to cure Covid-19

    >>> Click here!<<<

    Let me introduce:

    Ionx Colloidal Silver Generator

    This machine was invented by the Company IONEXX.

    The old colloidal silver generators have remained unchanged for years though they tried to get the particles smaller and more effective. However, limitations in technology and application remained. They used aquarium tubes with water pumps or a magnetic stirrer in order to try to get the particles smaller. But there were no really advancements in the Colloidal Silver generators for decades.

    But now, thanks to IONEXX there is a new generation of generator on the market. It uses ultrasound in order to make the particles smaller and thus more effective. So when we get a flu, a bacteria attack or fungus we should expect to recover must faster if the particles are smaller. Normal Colloidal Silver still works amazingly but now the technique has taken us one step further when it comes to making our own Colloidal Silver at home. The machine is very easy to use. Just fill it with distilled water, plug in the current and 20 t0 30 minutes later your batch is finished.

    Where can you purchase this machine?

    You can find it on Amazon, It cost $110, but if you buy it on IONEXX website it is only $99 On their web page you will also get more detailed information about this generator. The machine comes without silver rods but you can buy these on their web page as well where they sell these rods suitable for IONX generator.

    The Silver Edge colloidal silver generator review

    This review tells us that we should use caution and be very careful especially when we look at Steve Barwick’s methods when he tries to convince us to buy his machine. He uses exaggerations and many times direct lies. He plays on people’s ignorance, but as we saw with little research it is quite easy to see through his schemes.

    I work as an affiliate and my intention is to direct people to do the best choice to a reasonable price. That is the core of my business. It is a win win situation.

    So how much better it is to buy from companies who has a reputation to be honest and reputable. Two of these companies are IONEXX and Golden State Silver. If you, have in mind to make your own Colloidal Silver you will be satisfied to deal with these companies. They will never try to rip you off.

    I hope this information has been helpful. Feel free to make a comment or if you have any question(s) I will be more than happy to help you out.

    All the best





    1. Sharmini Umakanthan

      Very helpful information. I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends. Thanks for helping us see through the trickery of Steve Berwick. There are not so many honest people like you who want to help people to get quality product for the best price.

      Heads up to you Goran.

      • Goran

        Thanks Sharmini. Happy that you liked my post.


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