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    • Silver Lungs Generator – Is it a Good One?

      In this post we shall look a little closer to Silver Lungs colloidal silver generator. Is it a good generator? I will try to give you all the facts and I think Silver Lungs generator deserves to be given a closer look compared to many low quality and over prized generators on the market. Example…

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    • Colloidal Silver Dosage

      This page will discuss the dosage of Colloidal Silver. How do I know how much Colloidal Silver I should take in different settings. If you are in Colloidal Silver group in Facebook or any other platform, one of the most common question is: “how much shall I take”? It is a relevant question because many…

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    • Colloidal Silver Benefits For Pets

      This page will explain Colloidal Silver benefits for pets and for humans. Experience From a Pet shop My wife and I decided that we wanted to have a cat. So we start to look for a kitty. Here in Malaysia there are many street cats, normally fed by Malay (Muslim) people who love cats. In…

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    • Colloidal Silver Rods – Where To Buy?

      How to find good quality silver rods to the best price. There are many who are selling silver rods. Some of them also sell Colloidal Silver generators and they have a tendency to charge quite a lot for the rods that they are selling. That is because they buy from wholesalers and then they add…

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    • Silver Edge Colloidal Silver Generator

      Many persons buy Silver Edge’s Colloidal Silver Generator. Is it a good choice or are there better alternatives? Silver Edge Colloidal Silver Generator – Review The picture tells us that it is a very simple machine. It will probably produce Colloidal Silver as three 9 volts batteries connected to two silver rods also do and…

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    • Colloidal Silver Uses- So Many Ways

      This post will explain how you can use Colloidal Silver in so many ways. Prevention: A couple of three teaspoons per day. Would like to spread throughout the day. Many take a food  spoon a couple of times a day. It is impossible to overdose a product that amounts to 99.99% of water and the…

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    • The Best Colloidal Silver Generators

      In this page I will compare the most sold and the best Colloidal Silver Generators on the market today Silver Lungs Generator This Colloidal Silver (CS) generator has been on the market for around 11 years now. It is very popular and I can understand why people are quite excited about this machine. It looks…

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    • Make a Colloidal Silver Generator

      This site will show how to make Colloidal Silver generators in a few simple steps The most Simple way to make Colloidal Silver Generator One of the most simple way to make a Colloidal Silver Generator is to buy two silver rods of 99.99 purity and connect them to a current. The only things you…

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    • Colloidal Silver – the Benefits

      Let’s see why Colloidal Silver has many benefits. Colloidal Silver Cleanses Our bodies are under constant attacks from bacteria, fungus, viruses molds and yeast. The immune system has to work hard to get rid of these attacks. But fortunately Colloidal Silver (CS) helps us in this regard. In fact, regular intake of Colloidal Silver will…

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    • About Goran and this page

      Welcome to my page. My name is Goran Mittag. Since 2007 I am a great fan of Colloidal Silver and I am VERY excited about this product.  Year 2016 I moved from Sweden to Malaysia. To my surprise Colloidal Silver was far too expensive here. Around 100% more expensive than in Sweden. Fortunately for a…

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