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    Make Colloidal Silver At Home

    In this post I will explain how to do Colloidal Silver at home of high quality

    Is it possible to make Colloidal Silver at home?

    Colloidal Silver is a product that has become more and more popular lately because a lot of people have discovered what an amazing product this is. Unfortunately for many it is quite expensive to buy. That is why many consider to make colloidal silver at home.

    If you ask a manufacture of this product he will probably not recommend that you make colloidal silver at home. One of these manufactures suggested that it should be forbidden to make colloidal silver at home in your own privacy.. Why is that? The simple truth is that he want to protect his own interests. There are big money in this industry, but if people start to make colloidal silver at home, they (the manufactures) are afraid that they will lose money if people make colloidal silver at home instead of buying from them.

    Yes, it is possible to make high quality Colloidal Silver at home and people have done this for decades without any problems. There are thousands of people who make colloidal silver at home. I myself have done it for over 4 years. But I started out with a quite simple machine Click Here!

    Is there any way to make colloidal silver at home with high quality?

    You can actually make your own high quality colloidal silver and with the latest technology it can be compared to the brands you buy at a store or Amazon.


    Look at this little fellow. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Ionx generator

     I have done my own colloidal silver at home for over 4 years and now since I bought the Ionx generator I have the best and most powerful colloidal silver (actually true Ionic silver) that can be made from home.

    Why did I choose this generator? There are a few reasons for this.

    1. The technology is new. No other generator has this tech.

    .2. It is portable. Easy to bring when you travel.

    3. It brews fast.

    4. The particles size is small. Very important if the quality should be very good

    5. It has an app connected. Tells you when the brew is finished and other helpful information.

    6. Very easy to use. Basically, pour in distilled water and start to brew.

    7. It is cheaper than the competitors.

    The technology

    It is the only generator that use the new technology ultrasound in order to keep the silver particles apart and consequently make the brew more powerful. (the smaller particles, the more effective the solution will be) Others generators use magnetic stirrer or aquarium pumps in order to avoid the silver particles to lump together. The magnetic stirrer or aquarium pumps however have limitations so the brew will never live up to the potential of a good and a high quality of colloidal silver.

    Hence, to produce real high quality silver solution requires more than a magnetic stirrer or aquarium pump. Some manufactures of generators don’t even use these things. Although their machines produce a simple colloidal silver solution we are now talking about a solution of very high quality.

    The particle size is small

    Since the particle size is very small it makes the brew very powerful. It is a well-known fact that the smaller size of the silver particles, the more effective the brew will be. Unfortunately the old colloidal silver generators are very limited in making the particle size small,(see comparing picture) even if they use a magnetic stirrer or aquarium pumps. The ultrasound of this machine has solved that problem.


    See the difference >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



    It has an app connected

    The app can be downloaded from App Store for IPhone or Google Play for Android.

    Ionx silver generator is easy to use

    Basically it’s only to pour distilled water and start the machine. The app will tell you when the brew is finished. (around 20 minutes) 

     Even the power source using DC instead of AC as most of the generators on the market does, makes the solution sovereign in making ionic silver compared to other generators. Please study the chart below. It is little of higher education but silver ions (Ag+) is preferable for a high quality solution,


    This machine has a reasonable price

    Compared to many other colloidal silver generators, this generator is affordable. Only $99. 

    (see comparing chart and customers review below)


    The IONX Colloidal Silver Generator provides a portable powerful colloidal silver solution for the traveler or for someone who needs colloidal silver quickly. The IonX colloidal silver generator is self-contained, and uses ultrasound to stir the liquid or agitate it to produce a silver solution at 10 nanometer size particles in 20 minutes. No other Colloidal Silver generators are close to this by their magnetic stirrers or aquariums pumps. Today this can be considered as an old technology. So if you want to make colloidal silver at home with high quality there is only one choice.

    Buy today!

    Only $99


    I hope this information has been helpful, especially if you have plans to do your own colloidal silver at home. If you have any question(s) feel free to make a comment below and I will be more than happy to try to answer you.

    All the best





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