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Make a Colloidal Silver Generator

This site will show how to make Colloidal Silver generators in a few simple steps

The most Simple way to make Colloidal Silver Generator

The most simple way to make a Colloidal Silver Generator is to buy two silver rods of 99.99 purity and connect them to a current. The only things you need is three 9 volts batteries or an adapter with at least 18 volts current. You put the rods in a glass jar with distilled water with at least 1 to 2 inches (approximately 25 to 50 millimeter) from each other. Then you connect the current and there you are. You just started to make a Colloidal Silver Generator.

 A Simple Colloidal Silver Generator

How long will it take tills the brew is finished? Just wait tills it gets light yellow or amber and you will have a solution around 10 ppm. (particles per million) which is the most common solution when you buy Colloidal Silver (CS) from a store. Then you just filter it through a coffee filter and you brew is ready to drink.

You may wonder how much shall i drink?  As a matter of facts, you can never get an overdose of CS. That is because the brew contains of 99.999 % of pure water so it is in reality impossible to take to much. But I can recommend that take a gulp and keep it in your mouth for 1 minute before swallow. Do this a couple of times during the day.

Is it really so simple?

Yes it is so simple! But if you want to be more accurate you should buy a TDS meter which will show you exact how much ppm (particles per million) you have in your brew. It should be around 12 to 20 ppm.

TDS meter

The TDS meter can be helpful if you want to brew little “stronger” CS which can be used for external purpose. (but also internal) For example if you get a burn or a wound and you want the skin to be protected from bacteria you can spray it on the wound and it will heal faster.  Actually some hospitals use plaster and bandage with silver for this purpose.

The TDS meter you can buy at Amazon, eBay or Walmart, just to mention a few places. If you live in Asia you can get it from platforms as Shopee. Lazada and others. Then the shipping cost will be reduced compared to if you buy it from USA.


Can I increase the quality of my own brew?

Yes you can. There is something called a magnetic stirrer, If you put your brew on that it will make the particles smaller which in turn will do the CS more effective. But it doesn’t mean that without a magnetic stirrer your brew will be useless. Far from it. You still have a potent brew. This one can be bought on Amazon to a very reasonable price >> Click here<<

Magnetic Stirrer

Why should I make my own Colloidal Silver?

In my opinion, to buy Colloidal Silver is expensive. It is a good product and it helps a lot of people to live a healthy life. But when I started to do my own CS, I found that to produce a good quality Colloidal Silver was not so expensive. The conclusion? Why does the manufactures of CS put so high price on their products? CS is  a good product  and it helped a lot of people to stay healthy. That in itself will make people to use their means to purchase the product, because it WILL help them to live a healthy life, even if it is expensive

I know how much it cost to make your own CS. It is actually a fraction of what it cost to buy. Colloidal Silver contains only of distilled water and small small particles of silver. Two silver rods can last for years when you brew it yourself.

To make a Colloidal Silver Generator is easy and cheap.

As we saw you only need two silver rods, distilled water and a current from three 9 volts batteries to make a simple Colloidal Silver Generator.  Additionally, it is good to have a TDS meter to monitor the ppm in your brew. If you want to make the particles smaller you can use a magnetic stirrer, but this is an option if you just want to make a simple brew. Another option is to buy a simple kit on Amazon including TDS meter. If you buy this kit you don’t have the hazzle to buy the things separately. You only need three 9 volts batteries to connect the current. >>Click here<<

Isn’t it better to buy a Colloidal Silver generator from a manufacturer?

Of course that can be an option. Unfortunately most manufacturer charge overprices for their generators, but there is one exception. It is a company called IONXX. Have a look at their generator by clicking the picture.

This generator produce the best Colloidal Silver possible by using ultrasound to make the particles smaller. So there is no need for a magnetic stirrer. This generator is portable so you can also have it with you when you travel and the batch is finished within 30 minutes. So if you really want to buy a generator, I can highly recommend this one. The price is reasonable and the quality is excellent.

The benefits of having Colloidal Silver at your home or when you travel is that you always will have a cheap and powerful defense available if you get an attack from bacteria, viruses, fungus or food poisoning. Further, you will save a LOT of money compared to if you buy your CS from a store,

Well, now you know how you can make your own Colloidal Silver. Feel free to spread the word and share this article or leave a comment or a questions below.

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