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Colloidal Silver Uses- So Many Ways

This post will explain how you can use Colloidal Silver in so many ways.


A couple of three teaspoons per day. Would like to spread throughout the day. Many take a food  spoon a couple of times a day. It is impossible to overdose a product that amounts to 99.99% of water and the water itself is 5000 times more toxic than the silver itself:

Hold your mouth for a few minutes. Swallow. If you rinse in your mouth, dental health is usually better with it. If you do not mind dividing the intake, it works well to take it all at once.

Colds / Influenza – Virus Attack:

50 ml CS + juice from a half lemon. Take a teaspoon or two of this about every 5 minutes, hold your mouth for a minute and then swallow. Repeat for an hour or until the glass is empty. If  the flu is persistent just continue, it  will eventually give in. Additionally you can spray it up in your nose and your throat. Can be repeated a few times a day. Listen to your body and insert the drink as soon as you suspect viruses, then you do not usually get sick at all.


Spray abundantly down the throat. Repeat a few times, or until the evil settles. A sore throat can disappear in 10 minutes.


Spray clean CS directly into the nose. Can be repeated many times a day. It often has a debilitating effect and you do not have to be addicted to addictive drug products.

Food poisoning:

Sweep 1 to 2 deciliters (3 to 6 ounces) CS. Can be mixed with water as it gets a larger amount of liquid. Gently swing around a bit afterwards so that the liquid gets mixed with the stomach content. The cure usually occurs after 10 minutes.

Ear infections:

Lying on the side and dropping in the ear is most effective. Stay on this position for at least 10 minutes. Dry out of your ear after 30 minutes when CS has worked.


Use a nasal spray bottle. Heat your CS a little gently in a stainless steel pan so that it is a bit warmer than lukewarm. Then use nasal cleanser as usual. Please lie in a bed afterwards and roll around a bit, so that the silver can get into all the joints in the sinuses.


There are stories about warts that have just disappeared by spraying once with CS, but often you have to unlock the warts and then apply a cotton ball soaked with CS on the wart during the nights.
Difficult warts can take time and then you have to cut a little of the wart, so it starts to bleed a bit. Then put on a cotton pad soaked in the CS and close with tape so that the silver gets into the

Nail sponge:

Oral intake of  CS, a few table spoons per day, combined with applying CS-impregnated cotton
on the nail. Gently luck the nail surface with a file or knife so that CS penetrates the keratin layer more easily into the nail.

Lung Problems, COPD, Bronchitis etc:

Treat effectively with an inhaler/nebulizer where you inhale the colloidal silver directly into the lungs through the silver dime that the nebulizer generates. Those who achieved good results have charged the nebulizer with a couple of teaspoons of colloidal silver and injected into the resulting water vapor  in it.

Other: (Borrelia, Candida, for example:

Start with low doses so that the cleansing symptoms (Herxheimer) do not get too strong. A couple of teaspoons, for example, keep the fluid in your mouth for a few minutes and then swallow. Then increase the dosage gradually. When you have dropped closer to one to two deciliters per day, usually divided into several intake stages. Remember, the CS is eliminated to the urine relatively quickly and by taking it spread during the day, it will maximizing the time when active silver are in the blood.

Some believe that CS loses its effect if mixed with water. It’s not correct. It’s simply a dilution in a larger volume of fluid. Some silver ions are naturally consumed in the contact with bacteria,
minerals and organic matter in the water. A cubic millimeter CS, however, contains billions of silver ions, so there are plenty of silver ions over who can work further inside the body. CS is good enough to both clean the water and pour into the large volume of liquid and transport it into the intestine. If you have a problem whose origin is found in the intestine, you can benefit from just adding a little CS to a large glass of lukewarm water. Then the lower part of the stomach opens up faster and releases the fluid into the intestine.

Various ulcerative colitis and Crohns bowel diseases:

There is a reason to try to use CS in water. Also, salmonella and campylobacter. Good may be, depending on the problem, to vary the intake of CS. Both clean undiluted CS underneath the tongue for a minute – washed with CS in water might better help to cope with the origin problem. Especially if the problem stems from the intestine.

There are no known risks of using CS for a long time. Around 99% is out of the body in 24-48 hours.  Colloidal silver may initially give rise to cleansing symptoms such as headache, pimples and nausea. 

The only problem, in my opinion, is that Colloidal Silver is too far expensive compared to the cost of producing it. That means that the manufactures makes an huge profit. But, there is a solution on that problem. Why not making your own high quality colloidal silver at home. 

Do want to know how? It is easy.

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I hope this information was helpful. If you have any question(s) or want to make any comment, feel free to do so.

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