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    Corona Virus and Colloidal Silver

    In this post i will explain why colloidal silver will fight the corona virus.

    Today’s Corona Virus Pandemic 

    Everyone of us cannot say that we have not concerned about the pandemic that now affect the whole word. What the outcome will be is still a big question mark but so far over 114,726,929 have been infected and 2,544,053 have died. (March 1 2021) —- Many people are therefor asking if there is any good treatment against this virus? Now they try with vaccinations. But honestly vaccinations have never shown to be a 100% cure for anything.

    But what connection is there between the corona virus and colloidal silver?

    In my opinion this pandemic wouldn’t exist if they used colloidal silver as a remedy at the hospitals. Why can I be so sure about this. There is a few reasons.

    1. It is well a known fact that colloidal silver kills over 250 pathogens, including bad bacteria, viruses, yeast and molds. For example when Ebola ravage, one district used colloidal silver with success. I remember that a chief official from that district pronounced his surprise how effective colloidal silver was in the treatment of Ebola. Note: Ebola is a terrible disease that eat the flesh and doctors from all over the world were struggling to get it under control, but colloidal silver beat the disease.

    2. It is not only viruses that colloidal silver beat. It has also been used against Malaria with success. Actually if colloidal silver was used to fight Malaria, tens of thousands of children would still be alive. Do I have any proof of this? Please look at this video from an experiment from Ghana. >>>click here<<<

    3. I have a personal experience that colloidal silver kill the corona virus.

    It came to my knowledge that a friend of mine from Australia  (we met in Kuala Lumpur) and he got sick, so I gave him colloidal silver to drink. Later I got a message through WhatsApp from him. I just copy and paste this message here:

    “Morning I believe back in late feb when I was sick I had covid -19 I know I had all the symptoms including loss of taste and smell On the Thursday wen I woke up My lungs felt wet and I knew I was in trouble. At the doctors they told me I had pneumonia and wouldn’t test me for covid -19 as they said “ you didn’t go to China- you fine” But I knew it was serious- amazingly you text me that Afternoon & asked me how I was Then you mentioned I should breath colloidal silver in. Remember? Well I did & woke up on Friday & my lungs had dried up- I also breathed in in for 3 more days after – colloidal silver killed my infection in my lungs& by Monday I was feeling much better I believe colloidal silver saved my life . I’m convinced it did. I was very ill & on my way to being a victim of this virus. Thank you Goran”

    Is colloidal silver expensive to purchase?

    The good thing is, if you use colloidal silver regularly you already have a basic protection and the silver you have in your body will kill the corona virus at the same moment you are infected.

    But let say that the corona virus got a grip on you, what is the remedy then?

    It starts with fever and cough and eventually the virus attacks the lungs and a person get difficulty to breathe and quite a few dies. So the scenario is that the more the corona virus get a grip on a person, the more colloidal silver a person need.

    Since the corona virus easily is spread to other persons like family members and incubation time for the corona virus can be up to a few weeks according to some experts. This means that you need to have quite a lot of colloidal silver to fight the corona virus at hand and THAT can be quite expensive.

    I did a quick research on Amazon. If you want to buy 1 liter or 32 oz bottle of silver, it will cost you about $70 for one of the most popular brands. I suggest, if you really want to fight the corona virus  you should at least have 5 liters at home for you and your family

    A great  solution when it comes to the economy!

    Look at the picture >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    This is how I have solved that problem. I do my own colloidal silver and store up.

    These bottles contains around 9.5 liters or 2.5 gallons. To buy that amount on Amazon will cost around $900 to $950.

    The bottles on this table contains the best quality of colloidal silver equal to what you buy on Amazon, How can I be so sure ? Because I brewed this myself and it is available for those who want to make their own colloidal silver at home.

    With other words, I feel quite safe if the corona virus should infect myself, my family or my friends.

    If you want to know more about this technology in the fight against corona virus

    >>CLICK HERE<<<

    I hope this post has been helpful. If you have any question(s) or just want to leave a comment,

    please do that below.

    All the best





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