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    Colloidal Silver – the Benefits

    Let’s see why Colloidal Silver has many benefits.

    Colloidal Silver Cleanses

    MRSA Bacteria

                                 MRSA Bacteria

    Our bodies are under constant attacks from bacteria, fungus, viruses molds and yeast. The immune system has to work hard to get rid of these attacks. But fortunately Colloidal Silver (CS) helps us in this regard. In fact, regular intake of Colloidal Silver will help the body to cleanse itself from these attacks. There are people who used CS for many years and they say that they never get sick anymore.

    I am one of these persons. Since I came in contact with the Colloidal Silver benefits for about 13 years ago I have stayed healthy. Before that, I had at least 2 heavy flues every year. Admittingly, a few times I have experienced the symptoms of flues, but it was when I forgot to take CS for a couple of days.

    Another benefit of Colloidal Silver: let’s say that you got a flu and you decide to buy a bottle of CS and you start to drink it. The flu will probably be out of the body within a few days. It takes at least 7 days without CS before you are back on your feet again.

    Then you have to deal with cough and mucus that can go on for weeks before you are totally recovered. It is because after the flu there comes bacteria attacks that can cause pneumonia and other ugly diseases. The intake of CS will hinder this to take place. You will just wake up one morning and the flu is gone, like it never was there. This is one of the amazing benefits of Colloidal Silver.

    Is There Any Side Effects of Colloidal Silver?

    There are millions of people all over the world using CS, but so far there are no reports of any side effects.

    Is It Safe To Do Your Own Colloidal Silver?

    To answer that question it could be good to see little about the history of the use of silver.

    We can actually go back thousands of years to see that silver was used to hinder bacteria from developing.

    • The ancient Greeks used vessels made by silver. Why? Because they found out that it kept water and other liquids fresh.
    • The Romans stored wine in silver vessels to prevent spoilage.
    • The use of silver is mentioned in ancient Egyptian writing.

    If we go back to the Middle Ages, the wealthy families were protected from plagues because they normally used silver items in their households. (you probably heard the expression: that “he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth“).

    Before antibiotic became popular, it was common to use silver to prevent bacteria to grow at hospitals and today some hospitals use silver for burns and other ailments to prevent bacteria and viruses to develop.

    So to answer the question: is it safe to do your own CS? The answer is yes, it is safe, but only if you do it in the right way and with the right equipment. I will help and direct you to the best quality and to a reasonable price.

    Isn’t it better just to buy Colloidal Silver from a supplier?

    Of course that is the easiest way. Unfortunately CS is quite expensive. To buy on Amazon you have to pay USD 44 for one 32 oz  bottle (approximately 1 liter) of the most popular brands. If you do it yourself, it will only cost a fraction of that price.  Then you can do your own CS for a long time and experience the benefits of Colloidal Silver for years to come.

    There are so many benefits of Colloidal Silver

    As we saw, it keeps the body free from bad bacteria, fungus, viruses and yeast. If you get a flu, you will recover faster and you don’t have to deal with cough and mucus that can go on for weeks before you are totally recovered. Additionally, you will not get side effects after the flu like pneumonia and other deceases.

    Shall I buy CS from a supplier or do it myself?

    It is up to you, but you will save a LOT of money by making it yourself. If you want to do your own CS I can highly recommend the latest innovation of a machine that use ultrasound in order to make the silver particles smaller and more effective. >> CLICK HERE<< or on the picture to find out more!

    There is another option also. I did a review of another excellent Colloidal Silver generator.

    To see the review >>CLICK HERE<<

    I hope this article gave a glimpse of the benefits of Colloidal Silver. Feel free to give a comment below or if you have any question(s) I will do my best to answer them for you.

    All the best





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