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    Colloidal Silver Rods – Where To Buy?

    How to find good quality silver rods to the best price.

    There are many who are selling silver rods. Some of them also sell Colloidal Silver generators and they have a tendency to charge quite a lot for the rods that they are selling. That is because they buy from wholesalers and then they add on to the original price so that they will make a good profit. Sometimes they use the ignorance of  buyers and double up the price. Some sellers of Colloidal silver rods also sell low quality silver. In these case, the end product will  not be a good quality product, because the solutions will be polluted with impurities.

    If you are looking for Colloidal Silver rods they should contain 99.99% pure silver. Today it might be difficult to be sure if the seller of silver are really honest even if he claims that it is pure silver. It is also difficult to find sellers of pure silver off-line, so we are mostly forced to buy it online.

    So how can we be sure that the silver we are supposed to buy is really 99.99% pure? The seller of the silver should be able to show that a third party has tested the silver, or in other words that he has a certificate that his silver is 99.99% pure. If he can show this, then you can feel free to buy from him. But of course if he cannot then you should be very careful to purchase from that seller.

    So the question is: where to buy Colloidal Silver rods?

    Since I do my own Colloidal Silver (CS)  this has been a question for me too. The first silver I bought was on EBay and I was charged in Norwegian krona so the seller must have been from Norway. Where did he get his silver? I don’t have a clue. That is the disadvantaged of buying from EBay, Amazon or similar platforms because it can be difficult to trace the origin. In my opinion it is always better to deal with the manufacturer directly, if possible.

    But fortunately I was able to find a wholesaler of silver, 99.99% pure with a certificate that it has been tested by a third party.

    The name of that company is Golden State Silver. I contacted the company and negotiated with them and told them that I wanted to promote their products, which resulted in that everyone who puts in the code GM2019 will have 5% discount. So if you buy from this company don’t forget to put in the code before you check out. >>Click here!<<

    I hope this information has been helpful. Feel free to make a comment or if you have any question(s) i will be more than happy to answer these.

    All the best.









    1. Jan Vance

      Hello Goran,
      Even with the 5% discount at Golden State Silver the price was higher than Life Force Colloidal Silver.
      Hope you’ll let your followers know this and provide them the best option for pure silver.
      Thank you for all you do for others.
      Blessings to you,

      • Goran

        Thanks for your observation, but it seems that Life Force has an sale just now,
        otherwise the price is quite equal.


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