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    Colloidal Silver Generator

    This post will explain how to find out which Colloidal Silver Generator is the best.

    What is a Colloidal Silver generator?

    Today, it is very common to find alternatives to cure different diseases. One product that increase in popularity as an alternative medicine is Colloidal Silver. It is because people have find out that is an amazing product. Unfortunately, many traders take advantage of this by selling Colloidal Silver (CS) at a high cost. Why do I say this? Because I bought from sellers for over 10 years, so I have spent quite a lot of money on CS. In aditionI know how much it cost to produce and frankly it is only a fraction of what you pay at the store.

    Today there are also a few sellers of CS generators.

    This was my first generator >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I bought two silver rods and connected them to three 9 volts batteries. It worked well, but not as good as some products you can buy from manufacturer of CS. Why? Because, the particles that this generator produced was too big compared to what is possible today. The smaller particles the more powerful the CS will be.

    (This is explained in my posts. (Colloidal Silver 500 ppm)

    Still, I had success with this simple generator. It kept me and my wife healthy and I also had the possibility to help friends and even pets to stay healthy with this simple way of making Colloidal Silver. You can see a few examples by clicking here,


    My research for a more advanced colloidal Silver Generator

    I knew that my simple generator was limited, but it worked quite well and since it was very cheap to make I reasoned, if I only take some more of the stuff, it will equalize the limitations. To a certain degree I was right, but after some more studies about Colloidal Silver I came to know that sometimes, if there is an outbreak of a complicated virus like today the corona virus, the defense must work fast. Take Ebola as an example, where the virus start to eat your flesh. Colloidal silver was used with success in one district where the ravage was going on.

    Therefor I started to look around on the market for a machine that would make smaller particles, but I got quite disappointed. The machines sold were in general the same as mine simple generator. Some machines used magnetic stirrer or aquarium tubes with water pumps in order to prevent the silver particles to clump together, but this agitation is very limited. So these machines could never live up to that kind of solution that some companies produce with their high technology.

    At last, I found what I was looking for

    But one day I came across something very interesting.

    You see it on the picture >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    This is a generator from a company called IONEXX. Their intention is to take old things forward to a higher level when it comes to technology. That is exactly what they did when it came to brew Colloidal Silver at home. I just discovered that now it was possible to brew a high quality silver solution equal to what the most advance manufactures of Colloidal Silver are producing.

    Today I am a proud owner of this machine and it produces a very high quality silver solution.

    I understood that this generator was different from others and that is why I am writing this, because I want to direct people to the best quality to a reasonable price. I will not promote anything if I am not really convinced that it is the best.

    Why is this generator different?

    Look at this picture >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    This is one of the most sold Colloidal Silver Generators. It only has two tiny and cheap silver rods and some kind of pump (like an aquarium pump) connected to a timer that tells you when the brew is supposed to be finished. Basically, it is almost the same as my first generator. 2 silver rods in a jar. This one is sold for the whopping $349. It is quite a lot of money for an average person. You can buy 2 silver rods and three nine volts batteries for around $25 and you have an almost  equal generator. This machine will only produce a basic solution, not a powerful colloidal silver (or ionic silver) that some manufactures with their advanced technology are selling today. Unfortunately most people are not aware that it is impossible to brew a high quality silver with a machine like this,

    So back to the Ultrasound Nano Generator

    What is the difference between this generator and others that are sold on the market today?

    The difference is that it uses a totally new technology. The intention is to make the silver particles so small as possible (it is called ionic silver AG+) in order to get a powerful silver solution.

    Ionexx has put all things together. The jar is quite small. Other machines use big jars and that tends particles to join together to bigger particles.

    It uses ULTRASOUND to prevent particles to lump together. That is the key to why this generator is producing a high quality silver solution equal to those who sell their products at an expensive price compared to what the actually cost is to produce their products.

    Another good thing is the price. That’s more than a third of the old machine above.

          Product Features:

    • Model – IONX
    • Colloidal Silver (Ionic Silver) made with Ultrasound
    • 10 nanometer particles – 20 Minutes
    • Android & iPhone Timer / Instruction App
    • Patent Pending


    So if you are looking for an economical solution on how to brew a high quality and effective silver solution at your own home this should absolutely be your choice.

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    Now you can buy this machine with an offer. Buy 2 you will have the second with 50% discount. 

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    I hope this information has been helpful.

    I would appreciate some feed back, bad or good. Please make it below.

    All the best





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