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    Colloidal Silver for Psoriasis?

    This post will be about if Colloidal silverfor psoriasis.

    Psoriasis is not a life threatening disease, but it can affect persons physical appearance and quality of life greatly. See the picture to the right. ==================>

    I am sure you can imagine how it must be if a person suffering from psoriasis and he visit a public place, a restaurant, pub or in other settings. It is not pleasant situation. He or she will probably try to hide as most as possible of the disease.

    So is there any cure or remedy that can help a person in this situation. So far it has been difficult to find any lasting solution or remedy for psoriasis. But many things are happening just now. So how about colloidal silver? Can it be a solution?

    Colloidal Silver and Psoriasis

    In most cases, psoriasis is the result of the attack by Human Demodex parasite. This is an invisible pathogen responsible for spreading and worsening several skin diseases.

    Admitting there are very few scientific researches on how to use colloidal silver for psoriasis, so I went online and found these testimonials from people who used colloidal silver to treat psoriasis.

    Aman named Nick, writing on the PsoriasisBeFree blog, stated:

    “When we Psioratics start to flare, we find that particular part of our skin and inadvertently start to ‘worry’ it. (Skin all over the place) and searching for a comfort factor such as favorite lotions.

    If you are like me, this never works and you realize (as you did last time) that you now have to wait the repair process to start all over again.

    I have made some colloidal silver over the past few weeks and as I started to go through the above scenario. I had a warm shower dried myself of and then sprayed the colloidal silver over my body. I went back into the lounge and it wasn’t long before I realized that I was NOT itching! I had not used any cream and my skin was dry.”

    On the GrowYouthful website, Susie from San Miguel, CA wrote:

    “I make my own colloidal silver (electrically) and soak rags with it and cover the psoriasis area. It immediately relieves the itching and pain, and works faster and better than cortisone creams to clear it up!”


    On the website, one reader wrote:

    “I started drinking and applying homemade colloidal silver to my face and belly button and pubic area when I thought I had a resistant fungal infection induced by stress. One week later I got the biopsy results that said yes to psoriasis and nay to fungus. I was super-surprised.

    But by then the rash on my face and belly button was 98% gone and my pubic rash was at least 50% better. Today is three weeks since silver colloid treatment began and I can still see a stubborn remnant of the rash on part of my face and my pubic area, which continues to heal gradually.

    I have done a lot of research about colloidal silver and recommend to anyone interested to do their own research and be discerning about the information you find. The only way to know what you are getting is to make it yourself…efficacy is related to the smallness of the particles. The ppm (i.e., concentration) should be between 5 and 20.”

    And on the website, a reader wrote:

    “Hi, I thought would share our experience with long term psoriasis and colloidal silver. My partner had psoriasis on her arms and legs from age 16 thru to age 39. She used soaps, acids and abrasives to keep the areas somewhat under control.

    I introduced her to colloidal silver. She applied it regularly on the affected areas and also started drinking it. The end result was that after 4-5 months the psoriasis was virtually nonexistent and, 4 years later, has not returned.

    We take colloidal silver regularly as an overall wellness thing but she no longer needs to apply it to her skin although it is always used for cuts and abrasions. Google it and see for yourself. We have put lots of people onto it with amazing results and I have personally been using it for years.”

    End of qoutes.

    The conclusion

    Psoriasis is a terrible disease even if it is not life threatening.

    Through many testimonials it seems that colloidal silver are helping persons with psoriasis. Yes Colloidal silver is an amazing product. Best of all, it is possible to make your own powerful brew for an inexpensive cost.

    To find out more about this

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    I hope this information has been helpful and if you have any question(s) or just want to make a comment, please do that below.

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