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    Colloidal Silver Dosage

    This page will discuss the dosage of Colloidal Silver.

    How do I know how much Colloidal Silver I should take in different settings.

    If you are in Colloidal Silver group in Facebook or any other platform, one of the most common question is: “how much shall I take”? It is a relevant question because many mothers and others are concerned about their children, their relatives, friends, and even pets etc. Many are afraid that if they take too much (overdose) it can harm their children or themselves.

    I just want you to know that it is impossible to overdose CS (Colloidal Silver.)


    Let me quote Dr Gordon Pedersen, a well respected expert of Colloidal Silver since many years back:

    Silver is very safe when used in the right concentrations, in the right

    forms, and in the right manners. For instance, silver can come as a

    liquid. As a liquid with ten parts per million, you have to drink 16

    ounces of that liquid every day for 72 years, it’s estimated, if none of

    it left your body, before you would reach a point where it would

    saturate your system,

    This is really good news for all who are concerned about the Colloidal Silver dosage.


    So what is a “normal” dosage of Colloidal Silver?

    A couple of three teaspoons per day for prevention. Many take a table spoon a couple of times a day. This is to prevent attacks from bacteria, viruses and fungus. But sometimes this is not enough to totally prevent viruses to enter the body, but it will keep the body free from other things that normally are hiding in the body,

    I must admit that a few days ago I got a flu and my nose was running  every time I got up from my bed. Of course, I increased the intake of CS and after one day my nose didn’t run anymore. Two days later the flu was gone. My friend got the same flu and she has been in the bed for seven days now. Of course, she didn’t have any CS and I was not able to help her due to the distance between our houses. But the normal intake of CS is as above, but if you get a flu attack you just increase your intake and in a couple of days you are up and running. Remember it is impossible to overdose.

    Dr Eric Enby and his research.

    There is a Swedish doctor, Eric Enby who has studied the blood stream for a couple of years. He found out something very interesting. That is, by studying the blood stream you can identify a chronic disease before it breaks out. It seems that the bad blood cells has a tendency to clog together more and more resulting in a breakout of a disease.

    Intake of CS will prevent this kind of clogging. If that is the case, a regular intake of Colloidal Silver will prevent any chronic disease to break out, including cancer. Many doctors today (including Dr Erik Enby) have discovered that cancer is a fungus. If that is true, CS logically should kill cancer. The future will reveal.

    The intake or a – Colloidal Silver Dosage – May Vary

    As we saw here, you can never take too much CS. It is impossible to “overdose”. But as I always say, if you buy CS at a store it will be expensive, so in my opinion it is better to do your own Colloidal Silver.

    Today it is also possible to do high quality CS at home. For more information  >>>Click here.

    So in conclusion, It is next to impossible to overdose CS. A maintained dose could be a couple of table spoons daily. If you still get an attack of virus or bacteria, you just increase the intake and the virus or bacteria will be suppressed. If you do your own CS,  you can be very generous to yourself, your family, your friends and others, without the feeling that it is too expensive.

    I hope this information has been helpful. Feel free to give a comment or if you have any question(s) I will be more than happy to answer them for you.

    All the best





    1. Peter Bonde

      Dear Göran,

      Any experience using Colloidal Silver as treatment for ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)?
      I have tried taking CS orally from, what seems to be a good quality source, for a few months. I do notice a small change in skin colour (yes, unfortunately, a bit to the blue). Any ideas, experiences, tips from you or anyone else would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you!

      • Goran

        Hi Peter
        Not really, but one thing is for sure, Colloidal Silver will not harm anything. May I know how long you used CS and what dosage you take?


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