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    Colloidal Silver Benefits For Pets

    This page will explain Colloidal Silver benefits for pets and for humans.

    Experience From a Pet shop

    My wife and I decided that we wanted to have a cat. So we start to look for a kitty. Here in Malaysia there are many street cats, normally fed by Malay (Muslim) people who love cats. In our search we went in to a pet shop and the owner said that they had a cat they wanted to find an owner for. It was a beautiful cat so we said: “OK, we take care of him”.

    But in the shop there was a cage with four kittens that looked terrible, full of infections and a lot of mucus coming out of their eyes and throats. We asked what happened. The owner said that they will soon die and she was probably right.

    Now, I had a bottle of my own brew of Colloidal Silver (CS) in my car (because I do my own colloidal silver) so I went out and picked it and ask the owner to try this. I told her to spray it on their eyes and pour some in the kittens water bowl. Then we went away with our new beautiful cat and didn’t think so much of this anymore.

    We went back

    A couple of days went by and one day we passed the pet shop. I asked my wife if we should walk in and see how the kittens were. Probably they didn’t survive but we went in any way. But to our big surprise all four of them were jumping around and played as kittens do when they are in that age. We were amazed!

    The owner said that she had never seen anything like this and she wanted to have this product to sell to her customers. Of course, I couldn’t agree to this. To sell CS is a long and expensive journey before it can be approved to sell.

    But one thing is for sure, that day I went out of the pet shop as a proud and happy home brewer of CS.

    So to answer the question does Colloidal Silver benefit pets? The answer: A BIG YES!

    A Human Experience

    I want to take this opportunity to tell another amazing experience I had with my home-brewed Colloidal Silver. It is not about pets but about a friend of mine, Aida an elderly woman in her seventies.

    Here in Malaysia it is quite common to get diabetes, because they are a quite crazy of sugar. They use sugar, a lot of sugar in coffee, tea and other drinks, and since it is a tropical country they consume quite a lot of drinks when they get thirsty. Actually the first words I learned when I was here the first time in 2001, it was “kurang manis” which means “less sweet” when I ordered my tea or coffee.

    Now back to Aida the elderly woman. She has diabetes and once when we were at a get together, she came and show me her thumb. It was totally infected and she had been on antibiotic for one week and it didn’t help. The next step was to amputate the part that was infected.

    I therefore, I suggested that she should try CS. I asked her to spray on the thumb several time each day and at the same time take it orally.

    The result

    To our surprise after 2 days the wound start to dry up  heal and after 1 week the thumb was totally dry. You can imagine the joy in her face when her situation was reversed and eventually healed.

    This was made by my home made Colloidal Silver.

    I hope these 2 experiences have encouraged you too. This is a “miracle” product and it is available for everyone especially if you do your own Colloidal Silver. I can also mention that this CS was made in a very simple way and still it worked well. If you want to do your own CS I can highly recommend that you check out the latest innovation when it comes to make your own Colloidal Silver at home.

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