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    Colloidal Silver and Cancer

    In this post I will discuss if colloidal silver can treat cancer.

    Can cancer be treated with natural remedies?

    To treat cancer is a controversial subject, especially if you want to try a remedy outside the channels controlled by the pharmacy industry. In many countries it is even forbidden to claim that cures are possible with natural medicines. Fortunately I live in Malaysia for the moment, but if I was back in Sweden, it would be a risk that the authorities’ would oppose me if I do such claims that cancer can be treated in other ways than what they mean is the only and accepted way. 

    What are the proofs?

    Is there any proofs that cancer can be treated with natural medicines? If I told you that sodium bicarbonate can treat cancer, you probably will laugh at me, but I will explain why.

    Dr Tullio Simoncini from Italy has cured quite a few patients with cancer. People all over the world (including USA) went to Italy for treatment of their cancer. He used to inject sodium bicarbonate (actually baking soda) on the tumor that immediately started to shrink. Why does the cancer start to shrink? Dr Simoncini claim that cancer is a fungus. That is why the tumor starts to shrink when it comes in contact with sodium bicarbonate.

    Please watch the video about his methods and testimonials from cured patients. >>>CLICK HERE<<<

    Unfortunately Dr Tullio was sentence to five years in jail because he failed to cure a patient with brain tumor despite he had been successful in curing a lot of people.

    This cause me to ask: why doesn’t they put to jail all doctors who fail to cure cancer patients? Isn’t that an eligible question? But frankly, we all know that there are so many interests behind, that want to stop real treatment of cancer. Especially if it so simple as using baking soda. No one can apply for patent on that product.

    Another doctor who use alternative methods to cure cancer?

    If you looked at the video above Dr Simoncini claim that cancer actually is a fungus, And he is not alone. More and more researchers are heading in that direction.

    Since the end of the 1970s Dr Erik Enby from Sweden (also known as “The doctor who refused to give up”) has used a large part of his professional life to study about chronic diseases and their causes. He too has cured many people with cancer using natural alternatives. I personally met one of these, Siv Wernborg, a woman who had cancer on her head and the doctors said that they must cut a piece of her face including one eye. She became so scared so she refused that kind of treatment and instead turned to Dr Enby who totally cured her with her whole face and eye intact.

    Dr Enby’s conclusion

    It is interesting to see an utterance that Dr Enby did about cancer: When you know that various forms of cancer substance are full of microbiological activity, you have the right to assume that this activity is the disease itself. If urinary tract or throat infections have to do with microbiological growth, that is infections,  this may be the case with cancer, too, but “they” are silent about this.

    With other words the growth of cancer can be compared with any other disease in our bodies and that is where colloidal silver become very interesting.

    As in so many other cases, Dr Enby lost his license as a doctor because of being a pioneer in treating cancer successfully, but in a different way than accepted by those who are controlling how diseases should be treated

    For more information about Dr Enby and his work just Google his name and you will find a lot of information, even in English.

    Colloidal Silver and Cancer

    The conclusion we can draw when it comes to colloidal silver is: if cancer is a fungus or an infection, then colloidal silver should be able to cure cancer too, since it is very effective against both fungus and infections.

    Unfortunately there is an opposition from authorities and other economic interests that want colloidal silver to be banned. In the European Union, colloidal silver cannot be sold as supplement anymore. So now the suppliers can only sell it as an water purification product.

    But there is a way to always be sure that you have your own supply of colloidal silver.  That is by doing it yourself and at the same time save a lot of money. Today there are equipments that guaranty that you can make a high quality colloidal silver product at your own home. For more information about this, >>>CLICK HERE<<<

    I hope this information has been helpful and if you have any question(s) or just want to make a comment, please do that below.

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