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    Colloidal Silver and Blue Skin

    This post will be about colloidal silver and blue skin.

    Will Colloidal Silver turn your skin blue?

    Let me first say: I have used colloidal silver almost daily for 13 years and my skin is white as it was when I started to consume colloidal silver (CS). I have used a lot of different brands and for 3 years now I do my own CS.

    With that said, why do so many people connect colloidal silver and blue skin?

    Colloidal Silver and the blue man

    In the media it is quite common to refer to the blue man when they want to give an example of the danger of using colloidal silver. But what are the facts behind this man and the story that is circulated around the world?

    His name was Paul Karason.(he died in 2013 but not of cs) He suffered many ailments that he wanted to cure and he was convinced that the colloidal silver was the solution.

    . This blue skin is called Argyria and came as a result of drinking extremely large doses of CS. sometimes half a gallon every day, 120 times the recommended dose per day.

    It can be illustrated like this: a doctor prescribe 1 pill every day, but you decide to take 120 pills instead in order to recover faster. Anyone can understand the effect of this, there will definitely be side effects.

    Colloidal silver is harmless

    Colloidal silver is harmless, but should be used with common sense. In some cases we need to increase our intake for a few days when we are under attack of virus or bacteria. In my opinion it could be consumed 10 times the normal dose, but only for a few days or a week tills you feel better.

    Note: there are millions probably tens of million of people using colloidal silver all over the earth and as far as I know there is no case that can be reported as argyria caused by colloidal silver and I am sure if it was, the media would make a big buzz of it.

    It can be mentioned that Argyria in itself is harmless, it is more of a cosmetic problem.

    Some facts about the Blue Man

    He turned blue only because he drank extremely high doses of silver and it took months before he started to turn blue of overdosing of silver. The postmortem showed that the only thing the silver caused was the blue skin, nothing else. Since he had a lot of other ailments he was cured by the silver and could live a normal life which wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

    The press or media use him as a warning example and say that everyone using colloidal silver can eventually turn blue.

    Some facts about colloidal silver user today

    The facts are that there are millions probably tens of millions of people using colloidal silver. There are Facebook groups with thousands of members in many countries and increasing. I myself am a part of them. I am in both the English and Swedish groups and there are groups in other languages all over the world. Every day more people are joining these groups.

    A logical question is: why this increasing interest for colloidal silver? If I would answer that question, it is because colloidal silver is an amazing product!

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    I hope this information has been helpful. If you have any question(s) or just want to make a comment, please do that below.

    All the best






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