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    Colloidal silver 10 ppm

    In this article I will explain what ppm actually is?

    What is ppm?

    If you buy a bottle of colloidal silver it is quite common that on the label it says: Colloidal Silver 10 ppm.

    What does this mean? —- Actually ppm means particles per million.

    It is a weight rather than how many particles there are. 1 ppm is actually 1 ml in 1 liter of water. It means if you take a piece of 1 gram silver and put it in a bottle of 1 liter water that will be a solution of 1000 ppm. It sounds quite high when most colloidal silver sells at 10 ppm, or some sell colloidal silver 30ppm or even up to 500 ppm

    Let’s say that you drink that bottle including the piece of the silver? You will drink a silver solution of 1000 ppm but would this benefit you? Of course the little piece of the silver will kill pathogens on its way through you stomach, but only on limited area where it comes in contact with these pathogens. The rest of the body will be untouched.

    Is it really the size that matters?

    When it comes to colloidal silver it is REALLY the size that matters. Let us say that If you had the possibility to split this 1 gram of silver into 10 pieces. You would still have a solution of 1000 ppm but now it will be 10 times more effective. It will kill 10 times more pathogens on its way through the stomach where these 10 pieces comes in contact with the bad bacteria or viruses but it still will be a weak solution and wouldn’t accomplish much if your whole body is infected. It will kill only pathogens in parts of your stomach.

    This is very important knowledge. It means that a higher solution is not always a more powerful solution if it is not split to very small particles.

    Split the silver to very small sizes

    So imagine if you split the 1 gram 100 times, then you will have a solution that is 100 times more effective than the first piece of 1 gram. Then you can imagine if you split it time and again you will get a more and more powerful solution on every split until you will have a true 1000 ppm solution.

    How to know which is the best colloidal silver?

    Actually some suppliers sell their products with 500 ppm and even 1000 ppm and people get very excited and think that this colloidal silver must be very powerful. But that is a truth with modification. As we saw you can put one piece of 1 gram silver in 1 liter of water and you still have a solution with 1000 ppm and that solution will not have any significant impact on the bad bacteria in your body.

    So how can buyers of colloidal silver know if the product they buy is of the best quality? How can they know that the bottle they buy contains the smallest particles? In fact, it is very difficult to know since many manufacturers never provide any documentation about their products, only the ppm, and there are many suppliers on the market.

    So what is the solution if you want the best silver?

    If you want to buy from a supplier I strongly recommend that you do your research. Contact the company and find out if they have any documentation that their product contains small particles of silver (should be around 10 nanometer size particles) and if they cannot I suggest that you skip their product and try to find another one.

    Of course this is time-consuming and normally buying colloidal silver is relatively expensive.

    Is there any better way? Yes it is and at the same time you will save a LOT of money.

    Why not do your own colloidal silver?

    More and more people have start to do their own colloidal silver and it is quite easy to do. You only need 2 silver rods and a current of around 25 volts to make a basic colloidal silver generator.

    Today there are many sellers of colloidal silver generators. As we saw, to get a high and powerful solution you need to split the silver into very small particles.

    Many of the generators sold is basic, just 2 silver rods and a current connected. It only produces a simple and basic colloidal silver, with quite big particles since the particles has a tendency to clump together to bigger units. Some generators use magnetic stirrer or aquarium tubes with water pumps to try to prevent this. In one sense they are successful but to a very limited degree.

    Admitting, these generator makes a colloidal silver that works. I have done it myself this way but it cannot make a true and powerful solution if you want to make a high quality colloidal silver at home.

    But still the solution is to make your own colloidal silver.

    You see the picture to the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    This is a machine where the problem with big particles has been solved.

    The company behind as they say has the intention to join new ideas with advancements in technology, they hope to solve problems for the benefit of People and Planet.

    This machine has many features including the use of ultrasound in the process which is far more effective than using magnetic stirrer or aquarium tubes with water pumps.

    It means that now it is possible for you and I to make a colloidal silver of high quality that is far more effective than it has been possible before.

    Look at the difference

    This is a demonstration of the difference in particle size of previous colloidal silver vs. IONX

    So now it is possible to brew your own colloidal silver at home and get the BEST quality and you will save a LOT of money in the process since you can do it over and over again for years just for pennies compared to if you buy from a manufacturer and it will give you a defense at home for many of the diseases that flourish around our planet these days.

    If you want to have more information about this generator, just >>> Click Here

    I hope this information has been helpful. If you have any question(s) or any comments please write them below.

    All the best





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