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Best Tap Water Filter

This page will give you information about the best and economical water filter on the market. With other words, the best tap water filter.

Clean water is essential for good health

I think you agree that clean water is important for good health and well-being. We are supposed to drink 8 glases of water every day. Unfortunately, today with all chemicals and other contaminations around us, it is very difficult to find real clean water even if the government approved the tap water to be drinkable. So you can imagine if you drink 8 glasses of contiminated water every day, what does that mean for your body?

That is why many people install water filter in their homes because they found out that even the tap water is not safe to drink, Unfortunately many good filters are very expensive, so most people cannot afford to intall these filters.

So how to find the best tap water filter and at a reasonable price?

What does a good tap water filter cost?

First we could see how much it cost to install a filter that would be worthwile in order to get rid of all these contaminations that tap water may contain. Look at the chart below to have a picture of how much it will cost to install a filter of some well-known brands in US.

As you see the cheapest one of these is $3.826. I have a feeling that for the average person this i quite a lot of money.

Is there any affordable solution?

There is a company that has solved this problem.

The company’s name is Ionexx.

This company is selling a very special filter. It is a rather small filter compared the ones above. Those filters are for a whole household but Ionexx filter is only one tap at a time as illustrated at the picture. One filter for cold water and the other one for warm water. Of course if a household use only cold water for consuming it should be enough with one filter.

It is very easy to install, so anyone with handle a wrench should be able to do it himself.

What is so special with Ionexx filter? 

The name of the filter is XFLO and it is based on new technology. XFLO has an ultra-high when placed before the tap.

XFLO is easy to install at the home, the office or apartment and require almost none or no maintenance. Watch Demo

It will not slow down the water perssure. After 5 years use can be good to do a flush back.

Is it effective?

Actually it filters micro-organisms, fluoride & chlorine and heavy metals like Lead, Arsenic, Iron & Aluminum. 


How does it work?

As illustrated at the picture, the filter makes the water softer. If it a lot of calsium in the water the water will be “hard.

Hard water can cause limescale deposits in, for example, the dishwasher and cause limescale deposits on household appliances.

Soft water is better for the environment compared to hard water. Another advantage of soft water is that it does not release as much copper from the water pipes in the property,

Another benefit with soft water is that you don’t need so much soap when you washing your clothes in the washing machine.

Therefor it can be an advantage  to install more than one filter in a household, for example tap drinking water, bathroom faucets, washing machines and dishwashers. With oter words, places where there is a need for soft water.

Thanks to the softening process of XFLO the water will be much healthier to drink. And as I said it filters micro-organisms, flouride & chlorine and heavy metals as lead, arsenic, Iron & aluminum.

The filter will also last for 5 years before there is a need for a flush back.

How much does it cost?

This is the good part. It is doing the same job as the most famous water filters in USA ranking from $3.826 to $5.233. You will be very surprice when I reveal that the price is only $59. That is the new technology that makes this difference. Of course you may need to buy a few XFLO’s to cover places in the house where there are need for soft water. But on the other hand if it is only for drinking water you may only need one.

Hope you liked this post. As I said in About Me page I will always direct people to the best possible quality products to the most reasonable price.

If you have any comments about this post, please ost them below.

All the best





  1. Aleksandra Pavlov

    I am agree with you, the clean water is essential for life. Now when the water is full of chloride, it is very important to have good filter to clean water of all toxic materials. I have one, and I can tell you that I am very satisfied, and that is a big difference between this filtered water and water that isn’t filtered. This is a good choice for house. 

    • admin

      Thank you aleksandra for your reply. I live in Malaysia and I can tell you, the water here is not so clean so filters are essential. I order XFLO from USA but when the postman came the parcel was empty. I think when they realized that it was a water filter in the parcel someone took the opportunity to empty it, because of the value. LOL.

      All the best


  2. Aly

    Wow, I was not expecting to find a solution for filtering tap water for such a low price! We use smaller filters on our taps, but not on all of them and I do find that there can be a buildup of scale around these areas. It would be great to eliminate that in the whole house. I am impressed as this does seem like it could be the best tap water filter around!

    • admin

      Thank you for you comment. Please look at Ann’s comment since she has been a user of XFLO for acouple of months. All the best 


  3. Ann

    Hi! It’s a great filter. I have used it for several months now. And it’s cheaper than all the other options. I just believe it would be fair and good to tell buyers you have to buy the main part somewhere else to make the machine work. The total cost then goes up, but it’s still less than other machines out there.

    • admin

      Thank you for comment. Actually I was thinking to mention the hoses but then I saw that it was only around $12 to buy them. But you are right it would be fair to tell the customers that too. I will make a change on my website. All the best, Goran


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