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    About Goran and this page

    Welcome to my page.

    My name is Goran Mittag.

    Since 2007 I am a great fan of Colloidal Silver and I am VERY excited about this product.

     Year 2016 I moved from Sweden to Malaysia. To my surprise Colloidal Silver was far too expensive here. Around 100% more expensive than in Sweden.

    Fortunately for a few years I’ve studied how to make CS (Colloidal Silver) at home. Therefor now I felt, it was time to realize what I learned.

    It has worked very well and I have had the opportunity to help both people and even pets with my own brew. They were able recover from different kind of diseases.

    Click here to see an example!


    Still it is quite expensive to buy CS even if you live in a so called developed country.

    Additionally, today’s economy and the pandemic doesn’t make things better.

    Therefor I decided to do research on where to buy colloidal silver items like rods of good quality and also CS generators for the best price possible.

    Now I will share this information with others.


    It is to guide people to Colloidal Silver items especially colloidal silver generators which are of good quality and for a reasonable price.

    Unfortunately, even if colloidal silver is an excellent product, there are always people and companies who want to take advantage of peoples ignorance. They to fill their pockets with their money.

    The reason for this is that that I found that many of those who sell colloidal silver products and also colloidal silver generators are selling low quality products to very high prices. 

    I think it is a shame that people take advantage of peoples ignorance about these things. I will do my best to reveal what is reasonable to pay for a colloidal silver generator or other related products connected colloidal silver.

    Basically this is my goal of my website.

    If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below.

    I will be more than happy to help you out.

    All the best,




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