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    Best Colloidal Silver Brand

    This post will explain how we can figure out if a colloidal silver is good.

    The most popular colloidal silver brand

    In the Facebook groups I am in connected to colloidal silver, there is a returning question: “How can I know what is the – “best colloidal silver brands?”

    I consider that doing your own colloidal silver is the best and economical way and today you can do high quality silver at home. This is explained in my post “The best colloidal silver generator” —But I have full understanding for those who doesn’t want to make their own and prefer to buy from a manufacturer. It might be little tricky to buy from a supplier since there are quite a few manufacturers who try to make money on their products.

    I have done some research and here is a brand that can be considered as of good quality.


    Silver Biotics

    This Colloidal Silver comes from American Biotech Labs.

    This company has been on the market since 1998 located at Alpine, Utah. Their mission is to create documentable, stable and powerful nanosilver products. Their product is patented. It means that their technology is different from other manufacturer of colloidal silver since colloidal silver itself cannot be patented.

    If I am not mistaken their product was used in Ghana as a test of curing malaria. Amazingly every trace of malaria was out of the body within 5 days. The doctors on the clinics where it was tested were amazed. But American Tech labs was there to create documentable, for their nanosilver product. Se the video by clicking  >>>here<<< (personally I believe that other good silver products will have the same result but they have not been in Africa to test their products.)

    But one good thing is that FDA approval has been granted for ASAP Wound Dressing Gel held by a sister company but based on the same product.

    As a conclusion of Silver Biotics I may be inclined to say that this is a product you can trust if you are ready to pay the money of buying and not make your own colloidal silver.

    Silver Biotics can be bought on Amazon as many other silver products, but the price is amazing expensive. For a tiny 8 oz bottle they charge $21.97.

    I do my own high quality of ionic silver for a fraction of that price. E.g. 2 1/2 gallon or 9.5 liter for around $5. The colloidal silver I do is equal to the products you buy at Amazon or other stores.

    Do you want to know how this is possible?  >>>CLICK HERE<<< 


    If you found this information helpful, please feel free to make a comment or you just want to ask something, you can do that  below.

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